Our Story

Pairing Form & Function Since 2014.

Our Story

Pairing Form & Function Since 2014.

Our philosophy is clean and simple– literally.

We create technological devices that live up to high cleanliness standards to naturally integrate into your daily routine in a seamless and wondrous way.

The words TAO Clean, short for ‘The Art of Clean’, are what motivates us to create designs that instill exceptional cleanliness habits.

We firmly believe that every object we create must deliver a wonderful user experience from start to finish. It must be built on outstanding aesthetic design, combine useful, innovative technology and be both easily and seamlessly entwined with your routine.

TAO Clean Launches The Aura Clean Toothbrush

In 2014, TAO Clean took the market by storm, as it introduced itself with a completely unique product– the Aura Clean Sonic Toothbrush. Unlike anything else in the space, it's unique, innovative design quickly began gaining attention from consumers and retailers alike.

TAO Clean Launched The Aura Clean Face Brush

Leveraging the attention and success the brand garnered with it's innovative toothbrush design, the engineering team went back to the drawing board to craft their even more surprising sequel– the Aura Clean Facial Cleansing Brush.

Sonic Cleansing Meets the Makeup Brush

Driven by the goal of helping to increase overall personal hygiene, TAO Clean developed and launched its all-new Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner with custom formulated cleansing pods to maximize makeup brush life and increase cleanliness.

The TAO Clean Team

Based in beautiful Southern California, our team is united by a passion for ideas, art, design, & personal routines.

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