Looking for the ultimate cleaning experience?

Our desire is to create everyday personal cleaning devices that challenge perceptions and instill superior cleanliness routines with little user effort.
Enter the Aura Clean System - keeping you and the Aura Clean brush in tiptop shape for everyday use.
The Aura Clean brushes provide exceptional cleaning either whitening teeth using the best state-of-the-art sonic technology or cleansing your face using Orbital action to clean and exfoliate skin pores. Each brush has two easily controlled cleaning modes speed modes, professional and sensitive.
Cleaning the Aura Clean brush head takes place within the Aura Clean Station core using the special Aura Clean germ killing technology. This attacks pathogens from all angles. Just dock the Aura Clean brush back onto the Aura Clean Station and it does the rest. 
The Aura Clean Station keeps the brush head protected, clean and away from environmental contaminants. It also dries the brush head whilst charging, all part of its routine, the brush to be ready for use when you are.
Protected, Clean and Ready.