How To Care For Your Kiddo's Teeth

How To Care For Your Kiddo's Teeth


Your kid’s health is a top priority, but did you know that oral health problems can be the gateway to scarier problems down the road? Gingivitis is linked to many diseases from dementia to cancer, but we can help prevent this with good hygiene practices from the start! Follow these 4 steps for better health habits your kids can grow up with. 

  1. Starting with the goal of brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, you’ll be ahead of most parents if you can follow up on your kiddos doing that. Ideally, you want them brushing for two minutes each time and not swallowing the toothpaste. The fluoride will strengthen your children’s enamel and prevent cavity formation. 
  2. Limiting sugary foods like soda and candy is a no-brainer for keeping kids calm and healthy, but it’s also great for protecting your kid’s teeth. If you give them candy, give them candy made with Erythritol that will clean your kid’s teeth and prevent cavities simultaneously. 
  3. If you’re ever surprised by where your kids hide their things when they’re supposed to be put away, then you’ll need Germ Shield to ensure your kid’s toothbrushes are being put in the right place. TAO Clean’s Germ Shield is a UV sanitizer and a convenient way to store your child’s brush, so it’s always in the same place and comes out germ-free and ready to use. 
  4. Extra points to all parents who have gotten this far! The final step for great oral health is flossing once teeth are grown in enough that they can touch. This habit is the hardest to ingrain but is a game-changer for preventing bacteria buildup and gum disease. Flossing around each individual tooth is the way to go, so try to avoid the dental flossers that use the same piece of floss because it’s just spreading bacteria between each tooth section and not getting around each tooth like you want for debris removal. 

Happy Smiling! 

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