How to get the most out of your Facial Brush

How to get the most out of your Facial Brush

Congrats! You’ve unpacked your new facial brush and you’re ready for it to change your skin forever, so check out these tips to make sure you see results immediately!

Keep your station charged and ready by always having it plugged in.

When you first get your facial brush you should plug in the base immediately, so that after you wash your face with the brush you can place it into the fully functional station and not have a wet brush lying around. If your base isn’t plugged in, the UV light won’t work and you won’t get the germ killing benefits that your brush needs. 

Apply your cleanser into the center of the brush, turn it on and evenly cleanse each section of your face. 

Once you’ve attached the daily care brush head, apply cleanser to the center of the brush (where the tiny planet is). This keeps you from making a mess when you’re washing your face. If you need help picking out the best cleanser for your skin type check out our blog post on the top 10 skin cleansers for every skin type! Next, wet the brush and press the larger button to turn it on and apply the brush to your skin. Start with one section of the face and when you feel the brush pause, that indicates that you need to move on to the next section. If you have sensitive areas or places that need deeper exfoliation then you can ignore those indicators, you know what’s best for you. If you’re trying to be extra thorough in your cleansing, reapply more cleanser and repeat this routine on your neck and upper chest because that skin needs skincare, too! 

Rinse the brush clean + place it in station + watch the brush get dried + germ-free. The logo will flash until finished. 

Once the time is up the brush will automatically shut off and you can rinse it with water. Tap away the excess water and place the brush into the UV Station .  The flashing blue light will indicate it’s working. If it’s not flashing, check to see if it’s plugged in or if you properly put your brush in the right direction. Remember it’s bristles down because that’s what’s getting dried and cleaned! The cleansing process should take about five minutes and the light will stop flashing and by that time you’re probably done with the rest of your routine.

Replace every 3 months + switch it up with an exfoliating or sensitive head when your skin needs it.

Since brush heads are manual exfoliators, they’ll get less effective over time and must be replaced about every three months if you’re using them every day. If they start looking like an old toothbrush with bristles everywhere, then replace it sooner. A great way to avoid having to replace heads so often is to rotate through different types of heads depending on what your skin needs. Pro Tip: This is especially true if you use your facial brush on the rest of your body because the larger surface area will make the brush deteriorate faster, so keep a separate exfoliating head for that and a daily or sensitive head for your face.

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