Amazon Finds: Futuristic Skincare

Amazon Finds: Futuristic Skincare

We’ve looked into the future of skincare and we discovered multi-tasking, affordable products are much more prevalent than they are today. Finding a cost-effective product that works is still difficult, but with leaders in skincare predominantly from South Korea giving us a sneak peak, that will be a problem of the past. Skincare is going to get more creative and innovative with the ingredients used and the method of delivering them into our skin. Scan this list for products you don’t have to wait years for, you can find them on Amazon and see futuristic results fast.

Eye stick by The Saem

This eye stick is the solution for tired, puffy eyes or for dark circles you can’t seem to get rid of. The cooling mineral water, xylitol and niacinamide in the stick reduces inflammation and the adenosine and hydrolyzed collagen prevent wrinkles. Leave this in your fridge and use it every morning to look and feel more awake and glow throughout the day.

Moisturizer by Mizon

This moisturizer is unlike almost any you’ll find on shelves in beauty stores today. It’s main active ingredient is placenta known to help even out skin texture, while protecting and moisturizing it. The amino acids and minerals prevent damage from the environment and this is also formulated with Adenosine in it to prevent fine lines.

Ona Facial Brush with UV Sanitizing by TAO Clean

This facial brush combines sonic technology with a UV light to give your skin a cleaner experience every time you wash it. Usually facial brushes are left wet and grow colonies of bacteria after each use which in turns gets rubbed back into your skin, making acne and inflammation worse. To combat that, Tao put a heater in the charging station along with a UV light to kill germs that can be living on your brush so you can wash your face knowing it’ll be left healthy and germ-free.

Essence by Benton

This multi-tasking essence should be the argument for why we include essences in our skincare routine at all. It’s skin-balancing benefits come from snail secretion filtrate and bee venom which are popular ingredients you’ll see in Korean skincare but haven’t been as widely adopted yet in the West. The Niacinamide brightens while the Willow Bark Extract and Aloe Leaf soothe the skin. Depending on your skin concerns, you may use this in place of your serums, but always after you wash and tone for best results.

Vitamin C Serum by I Dew Care

Using Vitamin C as a brightener in skincare is nothing new, but this serum does things differently. The formulation includes added vitamins like Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 reduce dryness and replenishes dull looking skin. It also contains moisturizing Glycerin and protecting Niacinamide. With all of these benefits you would think this serum costs a fortune, but this serum is incredibly affordable (around $25) and it outperforms serums that usually cost over $100.