9 Mistakes You’re Making That’s Causing Your Maskne

9 Mistakes You’re Making That’s Causing Your Maskne

Masks are a part of life now, but maskne doesn’t have to be. You can be comfortable and safe and acne-free, but not if you’re making these common mask mistakes. Don’t worry, we’ve all made them, but you can have clear, happy skin now!

1. You're not washing your face enough with Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid

Hiding your face in a mask all day means trapping in moisture from exhaled breath and that can affect your skin’s pH balance and cause breakouts or rosacea flare-ups. To combat this use an anti-acne cleanser containing either Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid with your facial brush to ensure you get rid of pore-clogging bacteria. 

2. You're not using a barrier cream like Zinc Oxide to prevent chafing

If you choose to use a mask made out of a harsher material, you may experience chafing and irritation from the mask rubbing against your skin all day. Using a cream (like those made for diaper rash) containing Zinc Oxide can put a barrier between you and your mask, so your skin isn’t rubbed raw everyday.

3.  You're using a comedogenic moisturizer with SPF

Wearing a mask can dry out your skin, especially if you already have a dry skin type, which means that moisturizing is more essential than ever. Look for a moisturizer containing ceramides to protect and nourish your skin. Consider moisturizing with a lightweight oil-free formula and has an SPF to prevent your skin from getting mask tan lines when you’re in the sun and to prevent premature aging in exposed areas. 

4.  You're reusing the same surgical mask

Surgical masks are intended to be used once only, so do your skin a favor and change masks as often as you can to keep your face free from harmful bacteria. 

5. You're not wearing a clean mask every day

It’s a pain to wash your masks every day, so at least try to have a few days worth of masks, so you will always have a clean one available. This is important not only to keep from spreading illnesses and bacteria, but also to keep you from wearing yesterday’s dirt and oils. 

6.  You're wearing makeup under your mask that's clogging your pores

You may have never considered leaving the house without makeup before if you’re used to full glam as often as possible, but leave the hidden parts of your face makeup free. Makeup is expensive and unless someone at home is going to see it, you’re just wasting product and clogging your pores. The amount of makeup that is required to stay on under a mask anyway, will not allow your skin to breathe and you’re just inviting breakouts in your near future. Stick to crafting perfect eyebrows and eyeshadow if you must, but ideally, go makeup free and give your skin a break.

7.  You're using detergent with fragrance to wash your masks

It may be news to you that your skin doesn’t like fragrance near it all day every day because you don’t usually have sensitive skin, but masks are a different beast entirely. They can cause irritation in many ways that fragrance in skincare and makeup may not, so if you feel like your skin needs some help, use gentle scent-free detergent on your masks.

8. You're adding new harsh skincare products into your routine like Retinol 

Having your skin covered up almost seems like the perfect opportunity to try out new skincare products because it’ll hide any redness or irritation. Unfortunately, masks already can do that to your skin, so to give new serums a fair shot, wait to include more Retinol or Vitamin C serums until you can be mask free again.  

9.  You're using harsh fabrics instead of silk masks

Silk masks aren’t super common because they’re not as effective as masks made of other materials, but they’re the best option for those who have sensitive skin and aren’t in high-risk areas. Silk is known to have antimicrobial properties, so forget about maskne entirely. 

Remember to wash your face and moisturize after you’re done wearing a mask. Your skin needs time to recover in a clean, supple state before you hide it away again. Stop making those maskne mistakes, so when we don’t have to wear masks anymore, people will ask, “Wow, what have you been doing to get such great skin?”

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