7 Ways to Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

7 Ways to Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

7 Ways To Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

New threats to our health seem to appear every day and we have to do more and more to protect ourselves. Fortunately, there’s many options to keep harmful bacteria and viruses off of your toothbrush and out of your mouth. Practically speaking, where you keep your brush and what it’s next to and how often you replace it can make a world of a difference, but there’s other solutions for you, too. Baking soda, cleanser tablets and hydrogen peroxide can make a great choice for people that have the time and discipline to soak their brushes daily. The most convenient choice of all is to get a toothbrush UV Sanitizer because you just brush and go without worry, but every solution can fit your specific needs. How clean do you want to be?


Germs like dark, damp places and it may be tempting to stow your toothbrush away in a cabinet, but don’t! Open air will give your toothbrush the best chance to dry and not start new colonies of bacteria on your brush. If you can keep your brush as far away as possible from your toilet, you’ll be at a much lower risk of E.coli and Staph growing there too. Keep your brush away from other toothbrushes as well because that also encourages the spread of germs.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has powerful antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria that causes tooth decay which is why it’s found in many toothpastes. If you mix two teaspoons of baking soda in a cup of water, you can naturally remove most bacteria by regularly soaking your brush in that mixture. If you don’t mind vinegar, you can add a weekly soak of it with your baking soda to ensure an even cleaner toothbrush.

Denture Cleanser

Using a denture cleanser may seem out of the ordinary, but it’s very similar to using baking soda but with some added benefits. Depending on the brand, ingredients may include sodium hypochlorite commonly known as bleach, detergents, surfactants and enzymes. Using a cleanser tablet can be a convenient way to clean your brush effectively and if you do it daily, your toothbrush will no longer be something to worry about. 

Hydrogen Peroxide

A 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution is a great choice if you want to kill all of the yeast, fungi, bacteria, viruses and mold spores living on your toothbrush. Mix a teaspoon of the solution in a cup of water after you brush your teeth and soak your toothbrush for three to five minutes and be sure to rinse it well with hot water before you use it again. Change your solution every time you brush and don’t forget to cover all of your bristles!

UV Sanitizer

If you don’t have time to rinse your toothbrush daily, but you want the cleanest brush you can get, then invest in a toothbrush sanitizer and worrying about a filthy toothbrush will be a thing of the past. UV light is used to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi in hospitals and homes around the world. It works extremely fast and if it is built into your toothbrush base, then it is extremely convenient as well. You won’t have to worry about storing your toothbrush in a safe place because you can dry it in a sanitizer that gets your toothbrush as clean as a toothbrush can get. You can find the Germ Shield here

Don’t Share

Sharing is caring but not when it comes to toothbrushes or the bacteria that grows on them. Viruses are also able to live and transmit themselves from brushes to your mouth. If you live with someone who has oral herpes or HPV then you are possibly risking exposure to those viruses if you use their toothbrush. Eliminate any chance of that happening by always having extra brush heads or new toothbrushes around for anyone who is in need of their own. 

Replace Regularly 

Whether you have a manual or electric toothbrush, you must replace the brush head to ensure quality bristles and no damage to your gums but also to keep your mouth the most hygienic. If you use the same toothbrush for a year there will be no guarantee that it’s going to keep your teeth cleaner and using all of the hydrogen peroxide in the world, won’t help you with that. 

What solution works best for you is the one that you’ll be able to stick to and regularly do. If you don’t see yourself keeping a box of baking soda by your sink or using hydrogen peroxide and a hot water rinse before you brush, we understand you! UV Sanitization is the most effective and convenient way to keep your brush bacteria and virus free. Oral hygiene is a huge part of overall wellness, so it’s worth finding the solution that fits your lifestyle and makes having a clean mouth and a clean toothbrush easy.

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