5 Surprising Things That Are Making You Break Out

5 Surprising Things That Are Making You Break Out

You’re washing your face daily with your TAO Clean Facial brush, but you still have acne and you can’t figure out why? Usually, most people are washing their faces wrong, but you aren’t! These are five reasons why you may still be breaking out and what you can do about it.

Your cellphone is one of the dirtiest, germiest things you own and you probably put it near your face at least once on a daily basis. This for sure will break you out because all of that oil and those germs get squished into your pores leaving you with a nice spot on your face the next day. Prevent this by wiping down your phone regularly with an alcohol wipe or by going hands-free when you’re talking to limit phone-face contact.

Your pillowcase is also a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria and if you’re spending a good eight hours on it as you should, then you may be undoing all of your skincare routine while you sleep. Using a pillowcase made of antibacterial fabric may prohibit some of this, but nothing beats regularly washing your bedding to ensure your face is only touching clean surfaces.

On the topic of sleeping, if you’re not getting enough of it then your skin will show signs that your sleep is suffering. We expect dark eye bags, but acne happens when stress happens and if you’re staying up all night then your body is stressed. You already know this, but get enough sleep, try to stay as chill as possible, and if you go to bed at 3AM at least put on some zit cream to get ahead of the inevitable in the morning. 

Using an exfoliating facial brush, a chemical exfoliator, and a scrub all at once may sound like the best idea that will give you the softest skin ever, but unfortunately, that’s not how that works. You can exfoliate too much and damage your skin barrier which results in irritation and worst-case scenario breakouts. This kind of damage is really hard to undo, so please avoid it! Limit your exfoliating to one type each day whether it’s chemical or physical and try to spread out how often you do it, especially if you have sensitive or normal skin.

If none of these reasons have applied to you so far, you may want to check the ingredients in your other skincare steps to see if pore-clogging mineral oil is mentioned in any of the ingredients lists. This is often seen in thick moisturizers which some skin types can handle, but unless you are super dry, this could give you pimples when you least expect it. Try switching out your moisturizer for something lighter, ideally formulated without any oils in it, and see if your skin clears up. Switching between different moisturizers also gives your skin a break which can be a great compromise if you don’t want to give up on your favorite products.

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