5 Benefits of Facial Brushes

5 Benefits of Facial Brushes

You want to level-up your skincare routine, but all your products haven’t given you results, and you don’t know what to do next. The answer may be simple: You’re washing your face wrong. Kylie Jenner did it, we’ve all done it, but that doesn’t have to be you forever. Facial brushes take the guesswork out of washing your face so you get the clean, healthy skin you want, and make the products you’ve invested in payoff. If you want a clean face, but still don’t know if a brush is right for you then it's time to consider how facial brushes can lead to less acne and more collagen, less oil and makeup and more results.

Goodbye to acne-causing bacteria

The number one concern when people use facial brushes isn’t if the brush will work, of course it will! But what happens after? Usually, the brush stays wet, which promotes the growth of bacteria and no one wants to wash their face with that! Some solutions include using silicone brushes that are anti-bacterial by nature, but that isn’t the only, or even the safest, way. Ideally, you want your brush sanitized after each use, but most people barely have time to wash their face, let alone their brush too. Here at TAO Clean, we wanted a solution, so we designed our brushes to drain naturally, and then we added a UV light sanitizer into our charging station, so after each time you wash your face, your brush is dried along with a nice UV-C ‘zap’ to kill the germs that can grow on a damp brush. So next time you wash your face you’ll know for sure it’s getting cleaner and acne won’t be guaranteed in your future.

Skin regeneration

We’ve all been told that in order to get pretty, healthy and glowing skin we need to exfoliate as much as possible, whether it’s with a chemical exfoliator that promises to brighten our skin, or with a physical exfoliator that scrubs off of our dead skin cells. And actually, those tactics do work! But which is faster? You can use one of these options alone, but ideally you’ll combine a cleanser that works with your skin type and a physical exfoliator, and then add a weekly AHA/BHA serum to increase your cell turnover to get results faster. You could wait up to a month to see your new skin with chemical exfoliators, or you can increase collagen production and improve skin texture immediately with a facial brush exfoliation.

Balanced skin

Oily skin doesn’t have to be a life sentence for you if you start using a facial brush. While some skin types are more sensitive to daily exfoliation, oily skin types can benefit the most because the brush effectively removes the oily barrier without using harsh chemicals or damaging the healthy skin you have underneath. Remember, If you have combination skin, focus exfoliating your T-zone, where your oil glands are primarily located, so as not to further dry out any patches. Facial brush users with normal skin may see noticeable results without needing daily exfoliating, so start with twice a week and work your way up if you think you’re missing out on that clean feeling.  If you do need an exfoliating or sensitive skin brush, pick up one here.

Removes makeup

Today’s makeup is supposed to last you for 12 to 24 hours, or is waterproof, and nothing makes that more evident than cleansing with three different products, and still looking like a racoon! We have to rub and pull at our eyes to get every ounce of makeup off, even when we know we shouldn’t, we just don’t know of a better solution. Fortunately, certain facial brushes work really well in dispensing not just cleansers, but cleansing oils! Cleaning oils are a godsend when it comes to removing makeup and nothing makes it more effective than applying it with a facial brush. Depending on your skin type, you may still want to wash your face with a normal cleanser with the facial brush after you oil cleanse, but this way there isn't any pulling at your skin, and no more dramatic mascara eyes once you finish.

Skincare results

Sometimes we start a whole new skincare routine with the promise that “this time it will work”, because the ingredients are more powerful or they’re all natural, or even really expensive, so it HAS to work OR ELSE! But we miss the most vital step of our skincare, which is to actually clean our skin properly thereby enabling these ingredients to actually affect the area of the skin intended. A lot of us simply wash our face wrong and blame the products for not working, but could it just be, no one taught you the right technique? There’s certainly plenty of tutorials on how to wash your face by hand, and that can work for you, but if you use a facial brush, you’ll know that each time you’re washing your face, you’re doing it right. And if you don’t believe that facial brushes can work that well, test it out when you put your toner on next, and see if there’s any leftover residue, or if your toner is able to prepare your skin for your following steps like it’s supposed to. With proper use, your facial brush will become the vital missing step you need to let your serums and moisturizer not go to waste.

If your routine doesn’t feel complete without a facial brush, you might be right. It’s too inefficient these days to pay for products without giving them a chance to work. We made a facial brush that would stay clean and wash your face properly, so a future breakout or oily skin, is no longer something you have to worry about. You can remove all of your makeup at once and achieve the healthy new skin you want, it’s all about The Art Of washing your face.