The Forgotten Art Of Clean

When you think of it, the toothbrush is an essential part of your cleanliness routine.

You intimately interact with it everyday, thus forming a close relationship. It has technically evolved throughout the years, offering more cleaning power to best serve you and in the same breath claiming more bathroom shelf space for its accompanying chargers and sanitizers. Technical excellence has exceeded the ability of this forgotten piece of personal furniture to fit in and feel at home.
We feel this evolution has run too far afield from the home environment.
For the vast majority of toothbrushes, the technical aspects always look like an afterthought, an evolution in the wrong direction of our own personal bathroom interior tastes. If you’ve just spent thousands refitting your bathroom to the color of your dreams, what’s the sense of a reluctant placement of an essential part of the bathroom if it doesn’t really fit in?
Enter the Aura Clean System – Sonic Toothbrush and Cleaning Station. The Aura Clean System re-imagines our relationship with an everyday object.
The Aura Clean System delivers technical excellence as standard for your cleanliness routine to the decisions accompanying what color and forms you want for your living space.
This really is The Art Of Clean.