7 Things You Need To Wipe Down -  Now

7 Things You Need To Wipe Down - Now

Germs are at the forefront of our minds now more than ever, so we have hand-washing down along with using antibacterial gel, but your hands are not the only place you can transmit harmful pathogens into your home. We don’t think about how much contact our stuff gets on the daily, so read through this list and grab some rubbing alcohol because you have some cleaning to do!


Keyboards are rarely cleaned, but they’re teeming with bacteria. Rub your keyboard down with rubbing alcohol as often as you can especially if other people are using it. This can remove harmful bacteria like Staph from your keyboard entirely if you are thorough enough, so go look for those alcohol wipes!


Many of us bring our phones into the bathroom or leave them on surfaces we know aren’t clean, but we rarely think of our phones as contaminated. Unfortunately they are and they can spread harmful pathogens like keyboards, so spray some rubbing alcohol on your phone every day to prevent infections.

Your Purse

If your purse doesn’t look dirty, you wouldn’t necessarily think there’s any reason to clean it, but in times where bringing outside germs inside can be dangerous, think of all the places your purse goes and how many germs it can bring with it. If you can avoid putting your purse on the floor when going out that helps the cleanliness of your bag, but you still should use a clorox wipe to clean off the outside if you’re taking it to crowded or contaminated places.

Coffee Maker

Surprisingly, coffee makers can have as much bacteria growing on them as door knobs and light switches, so cleaning them regularly is vital to your health. Mold also likes growing in damp places, so be sure to clean the water reservoir in your machine either with the manufacturer’s descaling solution or with a vinegar mixture every 40-80 uses.

Remote Control

Remotes are for sure gross at hotels and they’re also disgusting in your own home because who thinks to clean them? TV remotes have some of the most concentrated colonies of yeast and bacteria, so clean it with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to thoroughly cleanse the buttons.

Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrushes can be their own colony of bacteria if you’re not sanitizing it with a UV Sanitizer, but leaving several in a holder in the bathroom is a recipe for disaster. Plenty of bacteria from your toilet, combined with the humidity in bathrooms allows pathogens to colonize and possibly get you sick from brushing your teeth. To eliminate that possibility, store your brush in a UV Sanitizer or regularly wash out your holder either in the dishwasher or with antibacterial wipes. Here at TAO we have just the tool for that.  Check out our Germ Shield UV toothbrush cleaner and holder here

Reusable Water Bottle

It’s usually super healthy for you and the planet to use a refillable water bottle, but if you’ve been skipping out on washing it for days then you might be in trouble. Staph and E.coli have both been found in these bottles probably because they go everywhere with you like the gym or the bathroom. Save yourself the hassle and just wash your bottle at the end of each day and if you can switch to metal, glass or steel bottles because those prevent bacteria from growing as quickly as they do on plastic.

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