(Internal) Umma Art Sonic Toothbrush

$ 149
Color: Crackle

About The Product

Sonic Toothbrush uses 40,000 tiny brush strokes per minute to sweep away plaque and gently polish away surface stains. With an enclosed base for the toothbrush handle that cleans and dries your brush head while it charges for your next use. Once you dock your damp toothbrush, the powerful UV-C rays kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, and then the built-in dryer wicks away any moisture from the brush to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

In This Box:

  • (1) Toothbrush Head
  • (1) UV Charging Base Station
  • (1) UMMA Toothbrush Handle
  • (1) AC/DC Power Adapter and Cable

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About this Special Edition:
For those who want more art in their life, our exclusive collection explores the love of what we do, the ART of clean. We’ve reimagined the UMMA with our special edition art series to create a distinctive and functional design that will add to the beauty of your home. Launching our special edition art series, is Crackle, inspired by Japanese raku pottery that represents ‘happiness and enjoyment in the accident.’ The beauty of life is in the imperfect and Crackle aims to take pleasure in that.

Customer Reviews

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