TAO Clean Toothbrush Manual

To test that the UV light is working, press the weight activated foot on the base.  You should see a light blue / green glow eminating inside the base.  See our example video below.

To change brush modes, press the smaller button on the brush handle.  You should see a smile icon varying between large & small indicating deep clean & sensitive mode. See our example video below.

There is no fan, there is a small heater in the base that warms the air in the chamber near the UV lamp. This creates a chimney-effect where the warm air leaves the base around the 1 mm gap between the handle and the base.
Check to make sure the system is properly plugged in and the brush is charging. If the base is working, contact customer service for a replacement handle.
The pulsing blue light signifies the UV sanitizing cycle for 5 minutes every 4 hours. It turns to a solid white light after that process.
The products do not have to be registered for warranty. Please keep your receipt or a screenshot of it in case there are any warranty issues.
Please make sure the base is plugged in at all times and the brush is seated properly. The drying time of the brush will take 3-8 hours.
All items purchased at TAO Clean carry a 45-day no questions asked money back guarantee. Authorized domestic returns within the 45-day guarantee period may be returned at no charge to you. To ensure that your return is processed quickly and accurately, please contact our TAO Clean Customer Service Center. Please email