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We create technological devices that live up to high cleanliness standards to naturally integrate into your daily routine in a seamless and wondrous way.

In a nutshell, we call these lifestyle tools, friendly companions that deliver exceptional cleanliness habits. Our lifestyle tools are always faithfully on hand to do your bidding.





The words TAO Clean, short for ‘The Art of Clean’, are what motivates us to create designs that instill exceptional cleanliness habits.

We firmly believe that every object we create must deliver a wonderful user experience from start to finish. It must be built on outstanding aesthetic design, combine useful, innovative technology and be both easily and seamlessly entwined with your routine.

Put simply; we make lifestyle tools that help you keep your cleaning rituals and that we’re proud of. It's our reason to get out of bed every day.



Our unique design inherently protects our lifestyle tools from environmental pollutants.

Just sit back and we’ll do the rest.


Our inventions blast pathogens with smart technology to sanitize our tools. Then we actively dry out storage environments to keep them that way.

Germs have no place to call home.


Born through an understanding of user experience, we base our solutions on removing superfluous tasks and inconvenient steps to reach high standards of cleanliness.

We are always ready when you are.


Located in the beautiful OC, Southern California, our team is united by a common bond: a love of ideas, art, design, and personal routines.

We are lucky to be surrounded by incredible nature, sunny blue skies, innovative technology and healthy living. That’s where we get the inspiration for all our devices. We create everyday objects made with the passion of an artist.



Ryan Mongan, who as well as a World-Class triathlete, launched Speck in the 90’s spearheading the craze for enveloping and protecting your most treasured personal gadgets. If you have owned an iPod, iPhone or iPad, and sought protection, chances are that you’ve either owned or encountered Speck. 

This innovation in branded cases caused a worldwide phenomenon. In the wake of its trail blazing, Speck led the way many others dare to imitate. Handling and maintaining its success came down to a well executed and disciplined brand development strategy of which Ryan was central. 

An expert engineer by craft with two engineering degrees from University of California, Berkeley and a graduate degree from Stanford in engineering design, Ryan started his design career at the globally respected IDEO design firm and specializes in development of innovative technical solutions through science, mathematics and good old ingenuity.


Ghahary’s an artist, brand architect & lifestyle engineer. Inspired by nature & technology he refers to his fantastical forms as functional art. Simon brings his signature curvaceous style as product designer and brand architect. 

Being responsible for the creation of an audio revolution in the shape of the EISA award-winning Pod Hi-Fi loudspeakers helped him crush preconceived box-design stereotypes and establish his trademark organic forms to create the home speaker system as an art piece, inspiring the space around it when not in use. It's a personal design philosophy he brings to TAO clean.

A creative multi-disciplinarian with a wealth of design & brand experience, including the creation of Blue Room Records & Loudspeaker label, many record covers, brand platforms including Lexus, Life water, RAW coffee, each displaying a unique visual style and tone. Simon has traveled the globe and lived on three continents. This cultural experience has helped him cultivate art in everyday objects and discover design is only relevant to the culture that surrounds it.