Three Steps to Cleanliness

The unique design of the Aura Clean Base Station protects and encloses the Aura Clean Brush from environmental pollutants.

Cleaning the Brush takes place within the Base Station core. Here lives the magical Aura Clean Halo. The Aura Clean Halo is a circular UV lamp central to the cleaning and sanitizing cycle. The intense 360 degree light source gives germs nowhere to hide killing 99.9% of germs. The lamp’s UV-C rays destroy the DNA of pathogens keeping your brush from turning into some ugly biology experiment.

 Just drop the Brush in the Base Station and let it do its thing.



The critical flaw with many of the other UV Sanitizing chambers is that the bristles remain wet between brushes. Killing 99.9% of germs is futile if the brush is kept wet. That 0.1% that remains has a nasty habit of making a comeback.

To combat this, the Aura Clean Base Station has a dryer that drives water from the brush. In fact the Base Station dries the toothbrush up to six times faster than regular UV sanitizer chambers.




Keeping the Brush Handle on its the Base Station not only ensures the brush head is protected in a nice clean environment it will also keep it fully charged and ready for use.

 Our Aura Clean System delivers cleaning, drying and charging as part of its routine, allowing the brush ready for use when you are.

 Protected, Clean and Ready.