How To Wash Pillowcases For Clear Skin

How To Wash Pillowcases For Clear Skin

When was the last time you did laundry for your skin? You haven’t? Then you might be causing yourself to break out without realizing it! Germs lurk on dirty pillowcases and end up squished into our pores all night, making us wake up with acne that we thought we were avoiding. We’ve got the secrets for how to keep your bedding clean, so you maintain the glowing skin you work so hard for.

Weekly Habits Add Up

Washing your bedding at least once a week keeps bacteria from building up and living on your pillowcases and sheets. Keeping your face on a dirty surface for eight hours a night is a recipe for skin disaster, so if you can’t do laundry as often as you want, switch pillows or the side of the pillow you sleep on for a cleaner sleeping surface.

Be Free From Fragrance

Fragrance in skincare can cause irritation and the same goes for your laundry detergent. Try swapping out your regular detergent for fragrance-free when it comes to washing your bedding.  Your skin will be less likely to have a bad reaction washing without potentially harmful irritants.

Germ-Free Fabrics

If regular laundry habits don’t give you the results you want, then try using a different kind of pillowcase that prevents germ growth. Find yourself a pure silk pillowcase that can also help prevent fine lines because it keeps your skin from creasing. Anti-acne pillows contain copper or silver threads that inhibit bacteria growth and are great for people with allergies.

How to wash pillowcases for clear skin