Amazon Finds: Family Dental Care

Amazon Finds: Family Dental Care

Your family’s oral health should be the top priority when it comes to preventing illness. Many harmful pathogens can live on our toothbrushes, which in turn may be getting us sick. On top of that, unchecked cavities and gum disease can lead to a whole host of health problems as we age. To help protect your family, we’ve compiled a list of products you may have not heard of that will keep your kids dental health in peak condition.

Amazon Finds: Family DentalKids Sonic Electric Toothbrush

The benefits of sonic toothbrushes no longer are limited to adults! This toothbrush for young children will start their oral health journey off right. It is easy to use, includes a 45-second timer and has an LED light to keep your kid’s teeth sparkling white. The brush sits in a UV base that sanitizes and dries the brush, so you can ensure your child is having a healthy, germ-free brushing experience.

Power Mint Tooth + Gum Powder

This powder is a great option for the whole family especially if anyone is having trouble with sensitive teeth or gums because of its remineralizing capabilities. This product is unique because it can actually be used as a mouthwash but if you don’t rinse after using you’ll reap the tooth-strengthening benefits of the powder all day. This is also great for traveling, camping or if you’re anywhere where water is scarce and you still need to brush your teeth because no water is necessary.

Universal Toothbrush UV Sanitizer 

Your child may want to pick out their own toothbrush, but as the parent, you want the antibacterial and antiviral benefits of a UV Sanitizer, so Germ Shield is the solution for you. This sanitizer fits nearly all types of toothbrushes, so your child can store their brush in a safe place that will keep out harmful bacteria and prevent illnesses. Since it’s battery-operated the sanitizer is perfect for traveling and still getting the health benefits of a germ-free toothbrush. 

Anti-Cavity Sugar-Free Lollipops

If your child loves sweets or is prone to cavities then try introducing these lollipops to them as a sugar-free alternative to regular candy. These lollipops neutralize the acidity in your mouth which helps your teeth remineralize faster and prevent tooth decay. The xylitol in them also helps prevent gum disease which is pertinent to overall health.