How To Clean Your Ona Diamond Facial Brush

How To Clean Your Ona Diamond Facial Brush

Maintaining a clean facial brush is a fast and easy task, just follow these simple steps to prolong the life of your brush and prevent germs at every step!Cleaning your facebrush


Always rinse the brush head after each use.

Make sure the bristles don’t have any remaining cleanser, makeup, or impurities leftover on the head. Rinsing thoroughly allows the brush to stay its original color and allows the brush head to completely dry in the base station.

Remove brush head and clean metal shaft area with warm water on a weekly basis.

To prevent any buildup from forming under the brush head make sure you’re removing the brush head every week and cleaning off the top of the handle. The dryer and UV light can’t reach underneath the head, so germs can grow there if not regularly cleaned. 

To clean the base, unplug the base station, and using a soft cloth wrapped around your finger, run it over the bottom of the base and in the center ensuring that all surfaces are clean and dry.

This quick and easy step is important to do weekly to maintain a germ-free environment for your facial brush. If you don’t wipe down the inside of the base and regularly use the UV-C light and drying feature then your base can become a breeding ground for germs. 

Keeping your facial brush plugged in and using the cleaning and drying feature once a day along with wiping down the handle and base weekly will ensure a clean experience from start to finish.