Facial Brush Face Off

Facial Brush Face Off

Finding a facial brush that fits your lifestyle can feel like a lot of work, so relax, we’ve done the research for you! We’ve compared the three top performing facial brushes in seven categories that will help you determine which brush is the right one for your face. 


Starting with price: TAO Clean’s Ona Facial Brush leads with the lowest listed price point at $79. Clarisonic’s Mia Prima is $99 full price and Foreo’s Luna 3 is $199. Keep in mind, all of the brands we’ve compared do regular sales that can even cut the prices in half. So check different retailers or social media accounts for the best deal. 

Cleaning Modes

Foreo’s Luna 3 has an impressive 16 modes to give you a custom experience through their phone application. This is great for anyone that wants specialization for certain skin problems. TAO Clean’s Ona has 2 modes, one for daily cleansing and one for deeper exfoliation. Clarisonic’s facial brush has only one mode, ideal for people that just want a simple cleanse. 


All of the facial cleansing devices have a one-minute timer to indicate how long you should be washing your face. This comes in handy especially when the facial brush also indicates how long you should be spending on each section of your face like the TAO Ona and the Luna 3 do. 

Silicone Head

Silicone brush heads are relatively new to the market and have increased in popularity because of its long-lasting waterproof and antibacterial nature. Foreo only uses silicone for its devices whereas TAO’s Ona has a silicone head replacement as well as several additional types applicators for varying skin conditons. Silicone brush heads are also easy to clean and can get deeper into your pores, so choosing a brush with this option is particularly important for people that need a deeper clean.

Water Resistant

The importance of being able to wash your face in the shower and bath has been recognized by all of the brands we compared and have ensured that you can use their devices in water. This is a great benefit because it allows you to use your facial brush in more versatile ways like using the brush on your body in the bathtub. 


TAO’s Ona facial brush is the only brand that includes a brush heater in the base of the facial brush system to ensure that your brush heads don’t stay wet and grow bacteria. Foreo doesn’t use brush heads, but the product itself should be cleaned regularly to guarantee your device is helping your skin. 

UVC Sanitizer

A UVC Sanitizer is an ideal component for people who are worried about getting the cleanest experience possible when washing their face. TAO is the industry leader in this technology by combining drying with a UVC light to kill pathogens that grow on facial brushes. Foreo and Clairsonic have not included a UVC sanitizer in their products, so if the ultimate in cleanliness is important, TAO’s Ona is for you, and follow this link to get yours today.

Depending on if you value simplicity, versatility or cleanliness, there is a facial brush for you. Clarisonic’s Mia Prima is a no fuss way to wash your face and is great for people new to facial brushes. Foreo’s Luna 3 is ideal for people that want something different and can customize their experience your liking. TAO Clean’s Ona is perfect no hassle brush for people worried about keeping their face as germ free as possible while still getting a deeper clean that can’t be achieved by hand. We hope you find the facial brush for you because no matter what, a facial brush is better than none at all.

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