15 Travel Tips You Can’t Leave Home Without

15 Travel Tips You Can’t Leave Home Without

Keeping your life clean and organized on the go doesn’t have to be hard with these travel tips. A lot of these products you already have at home, but you didn’t know they could do so much for your traveling needs. Shaving cream gets out stains, body powder absorbs all of the extra oils you have anywhere, dryer sheets keep your suitcase fresh, plastic wrap keeps liquids contained and that’s just the start. Whether you’re out hiking in the wilderness or packing for a formal event we have hacks that will make your life easier and keep you clean.

Shaving Cream

Getting stains on your clothes while traveling is incredibly inconvenient especially when you’re packing light and now you only have two shirts left to wear. Fortunately, shaving cream can not only help you with shaving but with stains as well.  Leave it on a stain for thirty minutes and gently scrub the stain with water after. 

Body Powder

Bring a travel-sized body powder with you on your next trip to somewhere humid and use it to replace your deodorant, dry shampoo, to set your makeup and to keep your skin from looking oily. You can use it anywhere you need to be a little less damp, or a little less shine, and it will keep you smelling clean all day.

Dryer Sheet

If you’re bringing dirty gym shoes with you in your suitcase then you can’t forget to pack a dryer sheet, too! A dryer sheet will keep all of your clothes smelling like they were just laundered instead of like you just went for a run. Plus, if you’re going somewhere with mosquitos, keep the dryer sheet in your pocket as a secret mosquito repeller.

Plastic Wrap

Some of us just have to bring with them their favorite shampoo and conditioner. We understand. Color-treated hair deserves better than hotel shampoo, but traveling with liquids can mean explosions in your suitcase, unless you cover your bottles with plastic wrap before you leave. Take the caps off, seal the top with plastic wrap, replace the cap and you’re good to go. 

Alcohol Wipes

Now more than ever we are aware of how germs can live on every surface, waiting to make us sick. In the past, it might have seemed excessive to wipe down every surface of your hotel room with alcohol wipes, but we think it’s a great best practice to keep you and your family safe. Don’t forget to wipe down remotes and lamps and lightswitches!

Medicine Box

If you’re prone to losing your small items of jewelry on trips then pack a medicine box next time. You can keep all of your earrings and rings in one place, so you won’t have to worry about what pocket you left your nice jewelry in. Remember to use a medicine box that isn’t clear, so it can be a secret hideaway for your jewelry.

Shower Cap

Your trip may involve a lot of walking around and getting your shoes dirty and the last thing you’ll want to do with them is put them back with the rest of your clean clothes. This is where your hotel show cap comes in handy. Cover the bottom of your shoes with the shower cap, so the dirt on your shoes won’t run amok in your suitcase.

Dry Cleaning Bag

Similar to using a shower cap, keep your shoes from the rest of your stuff with a dry cleaning bag.  Use it to keep either dirty clothes or a wet swimsuit away from everything else. It also helps eliminate the possibility that you’ll wear something again that isn’t clean because it will be out of sight and easier to wash because all of the soiled clothes are together.

Cotton Rounds

Have you ever gotten to your hotel room, opened up your makeup bag and found that your bronzer shattered and is everywhere in your bag? It happens to the best of us, but you don’t have to go without bronzer to prevent this situation from happening again. All you need is cotton rounds inside any pressed powders or pigments to use as a buffer during travel. You can even use cotton balls in your eyeshadows if you’re worried about your palettes breaking, too. 

Contact Lens Cover

Even if you don’t wear contacts, a lens cover is a great option for when you have loads of skincare steps in your routine but you can’t bring all of the bottles of product with you on the plane. Cleanser, toners, lotions, gels, moisturizers, anything you use on the daily, you can put a few days worth in these covers without worrying about the mess or the bulk of bringing your entire skincare regime with you. 

Inside Out

Trips that require formal wear are the hardest to pack for because everything you bring seems like if it isn’t hung up then it will be wrinkled forever. Try packing your blazers inside out and roll the rest of your clothes to save space and be wrinkle-free.

Sawyer Mini

Your next trip might be somewhere beautiful, but doesn’t have the easiest access to clean water. Finding water bottles is usually the go-to option, but if you’re hiking or out somewhere away from civilization, you’re going to need a Sawyer Mini. It filters out bacteria, parasites and microplastics so you can drink water from whatever source you find it. Fill the pouch with water, attach the Mini and drink clean water. 

Germ Shield

Leaving home doesn’t mean you can stop worrying about germs on your toothbrush, usually traveling means being exposed to more pathogens than normal. Germ Shield will protect you from just that and is a great way to store your toothbrush and not worry about picking up any bacteria or viruses from your hotel bathroom. Just brush your teeth and store your toothbrush in Germ Shield and the battery-powered UV Light will kill anything that was trying to grow.  Need one now?  Check and see if they are still in stock today with this link.

Bar Soap

If you’re not flexible enough to switch to bar shampoos and conditioners in your daily life, maybe try it for traveling. It eliminates extra liquids in your bag, lasts longer, and usually bar soaps are formulated without harsh chemicals, so it’s better for your hair too! To go the extra mile, look into bar forms of cleanser, so you don’t need to bring a liquid face wash.

Hand Washing Detergent

Traveling minimally is the way to go especially when hiking when everything you bring is on your back! The downside is after three days you may be out of clean clothes and there’s no laundromat in sight. All you really need is a detergent made for hand washing delicate clothing and you can wash your clothes anywhere with water. Look for a brand that doesn’t require rinsing, so you can just soak your clothes in the water and detergent then squeeze out the water and lay out to dry. 

Maybe you knew some of these tricks already, but you haven’t gotten around to using them yet. Make your next trip easier on yourself, keeping everything clean and organized isn’t impossible, it’s all about only bringing what you need, using what you already have, and separating what you’ve already used to maintain the tidy lifestyle you’re used to at home.