Why You Need UV Rays

Why You Need UV Rays

Even without a pandemic, plenty of us are worried about the constant threat of germs in our environment, and people everywhere have started to incorporate Ultra-Violet (UV) lights into their everyday routines to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. Usually, we only hear about UV rays as something that hurt us, but technology has harnessed that power to keep your environment germ free. All you need is a couple lessons on UV light and you’ll be on your way to harnessing the power of the sun. 

The Three Types of UV Rays

UV light has various consequences, and it’s important to know how they affect you. UVA is the longest wavelength and is transmitted from the sun and absorbed by the middle layer of your skin. UVB also travels through the atmosphere but is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer, with minimal amounts reaching your skin. This wavelength stimulates your body to produce Vitamin D3 which is vital to keep strong bones, and strengthen your immune system. UVC rays, while having the highest energy level, are completely absorbed by the ozone layer, and his is the type of light used in products that kill pathogens. 

What UV Light Does to You

Since UVA and UVB both reach our sensitive skin, we need to watch out for, and protect against, their negative effects. UVA light, unchecked, will cause premature aging, wrinkles, skin cancer, and eye damage. UVB is essential for the body to produce Viatamin D, however longer than 13 minutes, 3 times a week at noon, may also lead to skin and eye damage, on top of some nasty sunburns. Now you know why sunscreen and protective clothing is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle!

What UV Light Does to Pathogens

UVC light is responsible for destroying the DNA of pathogens like antibiotic-resistant bacteria and illness-causing viruses (Including the nasty CoronaVirus as well). When looking for a tool to sterilize your toothbrush and facial brush, don’t settle for anything less than UVC light.

Where It Is Used

There are many applications for UV light that benefit us. We use UVC to disinfect medical devices, light fixtures, clean rooms, floors, and water bottles to disinfect the water in them. There’s also applications to clean your phone, your children’s toys, and of course UV Sanitizers for toothbrushes and facial brushes. 

How It Can Benefit You

UV light doesn’t seem like a vital part of our lives, but it affects us every day and you can use it to your advantage. Cleaning every inch of yourself and your house is exhausting and impractical, so using devices with integrated UV lights are an easy and safe option instead of  harsh chemicals. UV wands are perfect for larger items you want disinfected, but more specialized UV Sanitizers can become a regular part of your life without complicating your routine. Tao Clean has toothbrush sanitizers, Germ Shield fits all toothbrushes and is battery-powered (so great for traveling), and the Umma ultrasonic toothbrush with a UV light in the charging base for a clean brush every time you use it. TAO also uses UVC to clean facial brushes, a product usually teeming with bacteria after only a few uses.

Now that you know a bit about how UV light works, you know how to protect yourself and your family from its damaging effects and can also use it to benefit your health. For almost any germ concern you have there’s a UV sanitizer for it, so try incorporating one into your life and worry a little bit less about keeping everything clean and more about if you remembered to put on sunscreen.

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