How To Clean Your Umma Diamond Toothbrush

How To Clean Your Umma Diamond Toothbrush

Always rinse toothbrush head after each use.

Wash off any leftover toothpaste or trapped food particles in your brush head that will accelerate the wear and tear of the bristles. Also, be sure to rinse the lower half of your brush head too to prevent buildup forming where the head connects to the handle.

Remove brush head, and clean the metal shaft area with warm water on a weekly basis.

To keep all areas of your toothbrush clean, make sure you’re removing the brush head from the handle and wiping it down. This keeps the connection between the brush head and handle secure because if buildup forms between the pieces then the brush head will not be able to stay attached correctly.

To clean the base, unplug the power cord, and using a soft cloth wrapped around your finger, run it over the bottom of the base and in the center ensuring that all surfaces are dry and free from debris.

The inside of the base is very important to keep clean because it is most at risk for growing germs if not maintained properly. Keeping your base always plugged in allows for the toothbrush to be dried twice a day which promotes adequate airflow along with killing the germs on your toothbrush. Keeping the inside of the base dry is very important, so along with regularly using the cleaning and drying cycles, wipe down the inside of the base every week with a dry cloth. Ensure there is no leftover moisture or residue as this will prolong the life of your base and keep your toothbrush germ-free.

 Remember, rinse your brush head thoroughly on all sides, remove the head to clean the area that connects the head and handle and wipe down inside of the base for the cleanest results!