Amazon Finds: Beauty Edition

The search for the next beauty tool to make your life easier never stops, especially when you’re stuck at home doing all of your skincare yourself. We’ve made you a list of products that make your skincare work better, and your life easier because they all are multi-use and give immediate the results you want.

Vibrating + Heating Facial Massager

This massager isn’t just to help you relax and prevent wrinkles, it also increases the effectiveness of your skincare products by penetrating them deeper into your skin. The vibrations boost circulation and promote collagen production while the tool itself reduces puffiness and skin laxity. This product has three different light modes: blue, green and red that vibrate at different frequencies to produce the results you desire. The tool can be used as part of your normal skincare routine both in the morning and at night. 

Facial Steamer + Humidifier + Towel Warmer

This steamer is special because it produces nano-ionic steam that opens up your pores to allow your skincare to work better. It comes with a tool set to extract blemishes and it can also work as a humidifier for your room and a towel warmer to give yourself a full spa experience at home. Don’t bother buying all of these products separately when this steamer can do it all. 

Makeup Brush Cleaner + Drier

This makeup brush cleaner is the only cleaner on the market that allows you to get clean brushes in minutes and be able to use them immediately. Usually, after washing brushes you have to wait hours for them to air dry, but with proper cycling through the clean and dry cycles you can use your clean brushes as soon as you need them. This cleaner is a necessity for anyone that has acne they can’t seem to get rid of because the culprit could be your dirty brushes. 

Skincare Mini Fridge + Mirror

A skincare fridge is a simple way to allocate all of your products in one place, while keeping them fresh and the mirror allows you to do your whole routine wherever you keep your fridge instead of being limited to the bathroom. This fridge is the ultimate convenience because you can plug it in virtually anywhere and the mirror lights up too, so you can do your beauty routine in the dark if you had to!

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

This scrubber is a unique way to exfoliate your face and prevent premature aging. It has four different modes for cleaning, lifting, blackhead removal, and nutrition import. The different scrubber heads produce tailored results and the vibrations on different modes are great for whatever your skincare needs are. This is a great alternative to a facial when those aren’t available to you at home.